7.25 Tim Ferris Show with Tobi Lütke https://tim.blog/?s=Tobi+Lütke

Shopify 的创始人,用 I’m an immigrant to the human condition 形容自己,从小就有一种对 optimisation 的偏执追求,总是想把事情做得更好。听到有几个有意思的点,关于问问题、读书、反馈与播客:

  1. Questioning the question : “Hold on a second. What are people actually trying to accomplish? What is the actual problem here?” 人们不是想要开网店,而是想要售出商品、想要成为成功的创业者,想要获得独立。要去问背后的 soft things & something else

  2. You’re learning by observing the questions and then defining the terms.

  3. 读什么书?What I tend to like doing is I like to find the players, the people who have a lot of input on this kind of thing or at least who have the front row seat and then read their biographies, because they don’t tend to try to sell you anything other than that this person played an important role.

  4. 反馈很重要。Tobi 还提到他们是如何帮助员工做心理建设的。 Feedback is a gift. Feedback is a gift because it is. It clearly is. It’s not meant to hurt. It’s meant to move things forward, to demystify something for you. I want frank feedback from everyone, and I get it. learn how not to feel crushed

  5. 为什么最近创业者越来越少了? Back in the day, you probably lived in a smaller community, you visited a big one, you saw here’s a certain kind of hardware store, some kind of business you’ve never seen before. You’d say, “Hey, I might be able to do that back at home.” And that’s a new company. Now, everything is franchised and centralized. And it’s a lot harder to do these kinds of businesses. But the same thing is going on on the internet as well. The internet is, as much as it can be a democratizing force, it really benefits centralization. We have one social network. It’s one search engine and so on. So it’s just harder to start businesses. And you kind of have to clock in the top percentile of a field or at least an intersection of multiple fields to even partake in entrepreneurship.

  6. 他的不舒服感来源于「already know how the box works」但是并没有找到出口。

  7. 表扬播客:每个人都可以「偷」听到专家们的对谈,开放的聊天室,这恰好是他的学习方式之一。favorite thing in the world – books definitely rank up there, but there’s one thing that is better, which is being a fly on the wall and two experts talk amongst each other, which is one of those situations where it was almost impossible to line up as an outsider. And now, suddenly, it’s completely democratized for a wonderful invention of podcasting.


7.26 hidden brain: I Buy, Therefore I Am


  • 播客的前半段:大多数时候我们还会说「好用罢了」,但是都明白消费不再是仅仅满足功能性需求,而是用购买来传递自己的价值观(最快捷简单的方式之一),所以是 I buy therefore I am. 「我买单」不仅仅是买下商品、投出选票、刷榜,还买的是观点。用了一个大家都会想到的例子:apple …

  • 当品牌丑闻出现时,比如 阿姆斯特朗禁药事件,追随者们第一反应是维护、然后也会感到受伤。这是为什么? 后半段在讲这个的原因。


顺便推荐 Hidden Brain 这个播客栏目,像是《十万个为什么》的现代版


我听过这期^ ^ Tim Ferriss每期2h太长了没怎么听完过,昨天看你写的,又听了后半段,还蛮惊喜的!翻了网站看详细的show notes(也是,Tim把这些人请来要是只聊几十分钟也是浪费了)他的详细question list和time stamp 都写在网页上,所以平时用客户端听的时候就错过了精华,感觉Tim的访谈以后可以好好挖!

Tobi这个人的故事看过一点,看了你写的有意思的点,agreed^^ 昨天听后半段还有几点impressed me,关于未来、中国、心理学 etc.:

  1. Is modern China showing us tomorrow today? [1:54:05]

未来不可预知,但“预见”未来有两件事可做,what a forward-looking CEO can do to peek into what seems most probable.
The future is a random walk and depends on macro economical events and climate change and a million other things. You can’t actually know the future. But there are two things you can do.One is, just draw the trend lines forward.The other, is you need to be a credible witness to reality.
China is a much bigger component, for instance. A lot of innovation is coming from China.And a lot of people have not realized that China is completely flipped on its head, in terms of it’s not copying ideas from the west. It’s actually delivering ideas. These fully automated supermarkets that people are talking about and coming to various cities are all over China.

听到这段的时候,我觉得exactly就是今年以来我和所有来过中国or对中国科技有关注的外国朋友聊到中国时的共同感受,西方对中国的逐渐改观,copy ideas的标签,中国互联网飞速发展、科技革新的事实。Tobi提到无人超市,Tim补充人脸识别,微信支付什么的,还放了盒马生鲜的新闻链接。
包括最后,Tim问Tobi哪些城市global business landscape发展比较好(基于Tobi的’crystal ball theory’[1:50]),Tobi说了新加坡,斯德哥尔摩,柏林,还提到了深圳233
Because you go in the world’s biggest electronic markets, and you realize, “Hey, if I wake up early enough and make my goal ‘I’m going to build my own cell phone,’ I can be done by the end of the day by just getting components in this place.” And these buildings just don’t exist anywhere else in the world. And that kind of everything is possible attitude is also shared by everyone there. And it’s a really fascinating place. It’s really interesting. So I think that’s a place which figured it out.
本人对于某些部分存疑hhh 但听他这么说深圳是有一定道理的 还蛮好玩的

  1. What books does Tobi most frequently gift? [1:57:49]

他两聊了几本,开了德国人的玩笑,没想到Tobi最后还安利了《被讨厌的勇气》,还聊了点心理学,还有前面提到的Tobi说的self-awareness of the box, 大家感兴趣可以康康

  1. Why Tobi believes we, as a society, need to celebrate and support entrepreneurship now more than ever. [2:00:52]

I’m a huge fan of people just going for it, reaching for independence, building businesses. I think it’s worthwhile for especially your listenership to sort of understand that there’s no law of the universe that makes entrepreneurship stick around. It actually happens because governments and various people made very deliberate choices to facilitate it.There are, potentially, so many systemic effects in play that it’s going to be hard to undo a lot of the damage. And so I think it’s an underappreciated area of entrepreneurship. It is entirely possible to build a company that’s highly valuable by focusing on this. You don’t have to go up market like the way everyone tells you to, specifically, investor types.


Tobi说的Podcast的好处很赞同hh 这就是播客媒介的闪光点呀~And, yes! Feedback is a gift^^


是的,Tim 的 show notes 总是可以延伸出极多东西;


7.27 BYM 给杰伦刷榜,夕阳红抵抗中年危机的大型行为艺术

  1. 在最新一期的节目中,里里和峰哥说,我们不同人去打榜,背后的心态其实是不同的。杰伦对手的粉丝对这件事是非常认真的,是一种all in的态度。昨天恰好有跟同事聊到明星和追星的话题。曾经我就很羡慕追星的人,羡慕他们有一件特别喜欢并且为之付出时间精力的事情,哪怕被认为不是「正事」。而我自己做了很多正事,但是真的狂热过吗?
  2. 也讲到,当年岁渐长之后,这种宗教般的狂热会丧失掉。因为我还没有到多大,所以我无法去理解,或是说不敢对于这样一种丧失感出现表达态度。只是我觉得,这种对于某件事情充满狂热,不论是主动或者被引导也好,的确是需要越来越多的能量。
  3. 峰哥说,最怕的是年轻人,知道了那些,他没有经历过的智慧。wisdom is earned, not given. 其实我自己感受到的是,知易行难或者是说知行合一的距离。当知道一些正确的智慧时,过早的知道,很容易把它作为判断的标准,拒绝而不行动。有些东西从知道到相信,之间是苦涩的,也有恍然大悟的快乐。

7.28 the documentary: language 语言系列

- BBC the documentary 是我每期必听的播客,最喜欢的音频纪录片形式,时间也正好合适,也会用多期节目来深度讲同一个主题。当然 BBC 保证了内容和制作的质量。

-能够背出来的片头: “welcome to the documentary from the BBC world service where we report the world however difficult the issue, however hard to reach ” 的确,有一期节目,记者在当地,但只能指着卫星地图讲…

  • 这期节目的开头很有意思
  • 因为我对语言、学语言很感兴趣,所以把这一系列听了很多次。我们都有学第二门语言(绝大多数是英语)的经历,所以可以通过这个节目跳出来看「学语言/教语言」这个过程。
  • 每次在英语播客里听到熟悉的语言甚至是语调时,就会觉得好亲切






7.30 Modern Love

Amazon 放出了改编自 NYT Modern Love 专栏的电视剧预告。这个播客则是请到明星来读专栏文章,主题就是「Modern Love」。我会为这个播客的明星效应买单,反复听喜欢的演员朗读过的文章。

抛开对内容的评价,听 Modern Love 就像听音乐,非常有味道。对谈、故事其实都需要集中精力,特别是外语。而听它,躺着就行了,非常适合睡前听,早上醒来再听听后半截发生了什么。



怎么不更新了…我还有一直看呢~(小声说)(捂眼睛 /▽╲)


8.7 digiday:声音的黄金时代 The golden age of audio is here

常听 NPR 的同学一定很熟悉这期嘉宾的声音。Digiday 请到 NPR CEO Gina Garrubbo 讲了讲(我)很爱的 NPR与播客的商业化。

NPR 赞助来源和节目分类、未来计划、播客广告比起网页banner与视频广告「抵触感更少」、网络 earphones and smartspeaker 这些技术设备与播客发展的关系、听播客的是哪些人…

  • 越来越多的大公司开始把声音、播客作为媒体渠道之一,「Google 会把 podcast 放入搜索显示中」。
    看到感兴趣的话题比如说喜欢的电影、书籍或者什么的,我早开始习惯去「搜一搜相关的播客」,把有关的播客单集找出来听一遍,原本字面上难以找到的采访,却能够找到「他/她」的生硬。有时候通过单集的搜索,还会一并发现有趣的播客频道。目前 Pocket Cast 不支持单集搜索.
  • 「愿意为音频付费的人应该会越来越多」这应该就是中美差异之一了吧…
  • 里面提到的播客节目:Indicator, Planet Money 以及给喜欢找到旧时电台放音乐的同学推荐 tiny desk concerts


今天偶然发现 NPR 今年 1 月新推出的历史播客,每周更新一期。
形式上是与 BBC Documentary 有些类似的音频纪录片(很好听),内容是关于「那些似乎被忘记了却有着深刻影响的事件」


与 大众更加熟悉的 how I built this 是同一个制作人。